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Wailele Lu'au

Experience Maui's Most Authentic Lu'au

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Welcome to the Wailele Lu'au


Immerse Yourself in the Wonder And

´╗┐Culture Of Ancient Hawai'i

Experience the Wailele Lu'au with our authentic hula and fire knife dancers, musicians and drummers. A breathtaking experience through sights and sounds of ancient Hawai'i.

Complete your evening at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa's Wailele Lu'au. Join us amid the panoramic view for the performance of a lifetime. Discover the wonders of Hawai'i and experience the culture and traditions through authentic songs and dances. Indulge in the exotic flavors of our traditional Lu'au cuisine and tropical beverages.

At a time when a written language did not exist; the hula and its chants played an important role in keeping our Hawaiian history, myths, and genealogies alive.

A Maui Tradition For Over 20 Years

The Wailele Lu'au is the most authentic and breathtaking evening into Hawaii's culture. Time Travel to ancient Hawai'i and gain knowledge of our history through song and dance.

Torch Lighting

During the time of our ancestors, before electricity, all Polynesians lived according to the movements of the sun. Each evening we would use fire for warmth and light. The Ali'i (chiefs) would have torches lit to create the boundaries of the village. Having fire provided warmth and allowed the people of the village to travel around easily. The torches brought the 'ohana together after a hard day of work in the fields or on the ocean.

Hawaiian Islands Creation

In the Hawaiian religion, our islands are said to have been created by Wakea; the sky father, and Papa; the earth mother who together completed the creation of the Hawaiian islands.

Written within the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation chant we find one of the most well-known of these mythical figures the demi-god Maui. One of the most famous stories of Maui is the drawing together of the islands from the sea.

Ho'olaule'a (Celebrations)

In Hawai'i we celebrate all things with a Lu'au. Birthdays, Honeymoons, Anniversaries and Graduations are an important part of our island traditions.

Fire Making

Here in Hawai'i, we say that our hero Maui discovers the secret of making fire by capturing the Alae'ula; the Hawaiian Fire-making Mudhen, and forces her to reveal the secret. The Alae'ula instructs Maui to fashion two fire sticks made from the wood of the Hau & Sandalwood tree, the 'aulima and the 'aunaki. The ability to make fire is now shared with the people of Hawai'i, and all of Polynesia.

Enjoy The Authentic Tastes of Hawai'i

The Tastes Of The Islands

A traditional Hawaiian Lu'au is a celebratory feast with food, drinks and entertainment. Complete with Kalua Pork, Lomi Salmon, Steamed Opakapaka, Seared Ahi Tataki with more delicacies to enjoy. An authentic Hawaiian Lu'au will introduce you to the true tastes of the islands.

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